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Michelle Kaufman, Director

Marin History Museum

Presents the 1st Annual

Marin County Historian Award to

Laurie Thompson

Michelle Kaufman recognized Laurie Thompson for founding the highly successful Map Room at Marin Commons.

Laurie Thompson is the Librarian for the Anne T. Kent California Room at the Marin County Free Library in the Civic Center.

The well attended fund raiser was held at the Pacheco Vineyards in Novato.

Attendees Kay Hendricks and Jeff Forgan are seen in the background listening to the award ceremony.

Guest Speaker, Herb Rowland and

Al Boro, President of the MHM Board of Directors

      Over 100 contributed to the

highly successful fund raising event.

Tin Type photography

Pop up museum

We thank our sponsors who made this event possible:

WBE, W. Bradley Electric, Inc.

Ragghianti Freitas LLP

The Pera Family

The Purdom Family

Anonymous Donor

A special recognition for all who voluntarily helped to make this an enjoyable event for our many contributors.

  Mike Kelly - parking, take down

  Kathy Kelly- food service

  Traci Dunkel - food service

  Constanza Perry - food service

  Marcie Miller - food service

  Ruth Moran - registration desk, food service

  Andres Stinchfield - set up, take down

  Jo Haraf - registration desk

  Mary Obrien - coordinator

  Ray Lorber - set up, parking, take down

  Rob Carey - registration desk

  Ann Batman - museum booth

  Melissa Mumbauer - graphic artist

  Max Kaufman - parking

  Isabella Kaufman - set up, runner


  Jill & Kevin McConnell and guest Peter Lacques - Music


  Herb & Debbie Rowland and Wine Staff - Facililty



  Michelle Kaufman - MHM Director

  Heather Powell - MHM Collections Manager

  Alysa Smith - Event facilitator, set up

P. O. Box 150727, San Rafael, CA 94915        415-382-1182    

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