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We love to tell Marin's history and the only way we can do it is through artifact donations

Contribute to the Collection
The Marin History Museum welcomes new donations.  If you have items related to Marin history – from Native American times to the present day – that you would like to donate, please contact our Collections Manager, Heather Powell, at ​​ 415.382.1182 or [email protected]

Through the generosity of individuals, families and organizations, the Marin History Museum has amassed a collection of some 20,000 artifacts, 200,000 photographs and countless books, ephemera, histories and curiosities that tell the story of Marin and its people.

Please note that all items received by the Museum are considered for acquisition by the collections committee, which is directed by the Museum’s Collections Management Policy. As part of the accession process, items are usually retained by the Museum and further evaluated by the Collections Committee prior to formal accession into the collection.
Tax and appraisal information
Object and library donations to the museum are tax-deductible, however, MHM does not appraise or place a value on items donated. Consider a professional appraiser to help assess the value of your artifact or library donation.

For information on appraisal services or to find an appraiser near you, please consult the following organizations:

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